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Customers love to see what is on the menu! Now you can show your Chef’s  creations in brilliant high definition. Add a mouth watering description and they are nearly in the door! Show prices and then they will know what to expect.

Facebook Apps show on your restaurant page just under the cover photo. Our Apps on the right, are Photos, Welcome, Menu and Speak Pipe. Click on the Menu App takes you to the full menu including all the categories you want such as Entrees, Mains, Desert and you can include Wines, Beers, Cocktails and Mixers. This all happens within Facebook so your customers are comfortable and not being taken off to an advertising site.

All Facebook Apps are mobile friendly and can be found by customers searching for somewhere to eat and drink when going out or on the way from work.


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milano-s-on-the-lakeBad reviews can ruin your restaurant

Good reviews can make it. Good,bad

and mixed reviews are expected, but

you can control and cajole towards a

positive result.

How to use reviews is to be comprehensively

Covered in this 5 part series.


It’s  hard to believe that this idyllic situation could run into trouble!


This is an article from The Australian in December 2012.

Australian restaurant takes on TripAdvisor over bad review

“Australian woman to take on review site TripAdvisor

  • Claims she has been the victim of malicious reviews
  • Wants the company to remove her business listing”
  •                                                                             December 10, 2012 1:22PM
  • Not only was this a bad review, (which could not be removed)
  • – subsequently (Jan & Feb 13) quite a few inquisitive people
  • visited the restaurant and also submitted low score reviews!
  • However the owner said, Dec 12: “I have only one negative
  • review on my site now, 95% of them are fantastic, but that
  • one review could destroy my business and reputation.”
  • On checking other review sites such as Yelp and UrbanSpoon
  • there are no reviews of this restaurant!
  • Good Reviews Will Attract Clients


Positive-Reviews-1024x706If you don’t believe reviews are relevant enough to drive trust

and to help users feel comfortable enough to take action on

your site, here is an extract from People Claim that covers

everything you need to know about them. I have to say, these

stats are pretty impressive.

Here are some of the key  additional points:

  • 41% say they read 4 to 7 reviews before feeling comfortable about a purchase decision
  • 63% are more likely to buy from a website with reviews and ratings
  • Customer reviews increase product conversion by 74%

If your restaurant needs new customers one of the best sources is good reviews.  Days of food critics being critical to your business have gone, social media has taken over.

  • The same People Claim survey  showed that:
  • 83.8% of respondents said they would trust a users review over a critic

86.9% of respondents said they would trust a friends recommendation over a review by a critic


Getting Good Reviews Is A Skill


Learning a skill is normally a matter of practice if you know what to do. The first thing is to monitor the reviews in the most popular sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable.


To a good review respond with thanks. With bad reviews you must respond immediately, recognising their concerns and saying how you will fix them. It might be hard but take the negative reviews on board and look at your restaurant from the clients viewpoint and take action!


“Good view, poor service, bad food”


When you respond to a mixed review, start with an affirmation of the positive aspects of the review. Once you have re-iterated what the reviewer liked, then sincerely and briefly address the negative remarks.  You can then close your response with more discussion of the positive feedback or features of your property that relate to topics discussed.


The key points are to listen and respond.


First Of Five Part Series


In Part 2 we will look at how to guide your customers into giving good reviews.


If you wish to  satisfy your clients quest for information about your restaurant This Series is highly recommended!