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Menu App

Customers love to see what is on the menu! Now you can show your Chef’s  creations in brilliant high definition. Add a mouth watering description and they are nearly in the door! Show prices and then they will know what to expect.

Facebook Apps show on your restaurant page just under the cover photo. Our Apps on the right, are Photos, Welcome, Menu and Speak Pipe. Click on the Menu App takes you to the full menu including all the categories you want such as Entrees, Mains, Desert and you can include Wines, Beers, Cocktails and Mixers. This all happens within Facebook so your customers are comfortable and not being taken off to an advertising site.

All Facebook Apps are mobile friendly and can be found by customers searching for somewhere to eat and drink when going out or on the way from work.


  • menu…         menu…           Menu
  • easy read
  • mobile
  • one touch
  • HD pics
  • mouth                    watering
  • description
  • prices
  •    +
  • one touch
  • location
  • dial
  • tell friends

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